Memorial Day Parade, Fairfield

May 28, 2012

I was up super early this morning and took a drive downtown to place a picnic blanket and chairs in a great parade route spot.  We packed a picnic breakfast, Steve bought Lil a flag and we enjoyed watching the parade very much.

Lil loved waving her flag — she looked very patriotic!

She also brought her cymbals along so that she could join in with the marching band.

And of course, bubbles.  Because no summer day is complete without them.

The news predicted this weekend to be a washout… yeah.  CT weathermen once again proved they have NO idea what they are doing.

There were a few parts of the parade Lil did not enjoy.  She wasn’t so big on the Shriners in their tiny cars.

This is the toddler equivalent of  “What the…. ”

The parade was actually super long, what with every little league team, brownie troop, etc. marching… not to mention both the high schools’ and middle schools’ marching bands.  After the first hour and 15 minutes, Lil was starting to get pretty spent.

Steve had reached that point within the first 30 minutes.  Un-American!  Oh.  Wait.

Once the parade starting getting a little kitchen sink-ish… starting with the Ukrainian American Club of Fairfield (??)… Lil popped up and declared, “I done.”

Happy Memorial Day!


One Response to “Memorial Day Parade, Fairfield”

  1. Mary Lou Reisch Says:

    I love the first picture…Lil waving the American flag! You should send it to your local newspaper for publication.

    Madison, WI

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